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Strong By Sarah

All Access

What's included?

Unrestricted Access To My App + ALL My Workout Programs
Pick the plans that fit you and your goals

Gym, Home + Hybrid Options
Changing equipment? Traveling? Going on vacation? No problem.

Change Programs As Often As You Like
Regardless of where you are, you'll have a workout

How To Videos For All Exercises 
Workout confidently

App Access
Track weights + reps
for progressive overload, time rest periods

Unlimited Scheduled Workouts
No more wondering what to do when

Online Community Group
Direct access with me and others in the program

Optional Meal Plan Upgrade 
Exclusive recipes with my preferred macro formula for you


What programs are included? 

All of them!

Seven Weeks To Shredded (Gym, Home, Hybrid)

Build lean muscle and shed body fat from home in this intense seven week program. 

Six Pack 2.0 (Gym, Home)

Sculpt a strong, defined six pack with this 12 week workout program.

Running x Strength (Gym)

Grow lean muscle while improving your speed in this 12 week strength and sprinting program.

Build Bodybuilding (Gym)

Train like a bodybuilder and maximize your results with this 12 week, machine based program.

Express Strength (Hybrid)

Maintain your muscle with workouts which take just 30 minutes each. 

Purple Plan (Planet Fitness)

Planet Fitness specific workouts to help you get the most from your membership.

ACFT Prep (Gym)

Train like the troops preparing for the Army Combat Fitness Test.

....and more. As I add new programs, they'll be added to your options.

What's in the app?

Workout timetable for your program
See your upcoming and past workouts

Video and written walkthroughs
To help your form and learn new techniques

Calendar reminders
Keeping your results on track

Track your lifts, reps and weights used
See how far you've come

Community Group Access
Including direct access with me

Connect to Apple watch and fitness tech
For step tracking and health monitoring

Your one-stop fitness and nutrition app
All the features you need to achieve your goals


Before, after and in progress

How long are the workouts?

Each program varies from 6 - 12 weeks with a day's workouts ranging from 20 minutes to 65 minutes. 

Home programs tend to be shorter, but everything can be adjusted to fit your schedule.

How does it work?

A subscription gives you access to my app and all my workout programs.

It is automatically billed each month- you can cancel at anytime!


What equipment do I need?

Equipment varies across each of the programs so that you can find a fit to your workout style. Generally, they are designed using these equipment guidelines:

Home Programs
Dumbbells, bands, ankle weights

Gym Programs
Commercial gym machines, cable system, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, ankle weights

Hybrid Programs
Barbells, dumbbells, bands, ankle weights (best for home or CrossFit-style gyms)

Commercial gym equipment includes leg press, leg extension, leg curl, pull up bar, smith machine, chest press, lateral row, chest fly machine, reverse fly machine, lat pulldown, seated row, machine crunch, bench etc


Hear from my clients. 


I've been feeling noticeably better than before starting your program. With only being a week in, I wasn't expecting to feel results this quickly! Thanks so much!


Thank you!! I appreciate your help more than you know. I’m down 4 pounds, but more… feeling so so much better! I really am so grateful for your program. 


Sarah, this program is very, very good. I'd say the biggest struggle was getting out of my comfort zone and trusting the process. IM so glad I did because I'm overall feeling amazing and looking so much leaner.


I really enjoy your program. I can feel the difference every week- I feel stronger. I like the app too, it’s a really good motivation to not skip the daily workout. Last time I was at the gym with my boyfriend for back + biceps and it almost killed him. I’m very happy I bought your program. 


I'm loving the workouts so much! I know it's only been a week but I feel stronger! I leave my workouts feeling more energetic and not completely drained like after the HIIT workouts I was doing before.

All sales are final- see terms and conditions

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