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Strong By Sarah

In App Meal Planner

What's Included?

In app 7 day plan customized to you with meals, recipes, grocery lists and more

Planning, budgeting, shopping and prep all become simple when you have a plan

Ideas built around your preferences and goals

Your plan is created using your calorie goal, ​dietary preferences and food sensitivities

Discover new choices from our meal database when you want a swap

Search our extensive options, filter by ingredients and prep time and swap-in to your plan

Preparation videos to help you in the kitchen

How-to for meals help to take the guesswork out of preparation

Automatic grocery list generation

Make shopping easy by quickly scrolling through your suggestions for the week

How will it help me?

Simplify your life by removing meal drama
No more wondering what you will eat for dinner, what to buy at the grocery or panic snacking at the office

Love what you're eating and still reach your goals

These ideas and structure can help on your journey

Learn how to build quality meals

Each recommendation is an example of how to balance macros when creating meals

Discover new ways to pair your favorites

Each recipe can be easily customised to your preferences​

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All sales are final.

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