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Which Program Is Right For Me?

Find the Perfect Fit


For Those Who Don't Know How to Start

If you've never lifted weights before or tracked calories, you're going to want to start here. With exclusive how-to videos, easy to follow workouts and pre-planned programs, you will be able to start getting strong confidently with only 30 minutes 3-4x per week. Begin to understand how nutrition fuels training!


Six Pack 2.0

Sculpt a strong, defined six pack with this 12 week workout program.

Express Strength

Maintain your muscle with workouts which take just 30 minutes each.

High Protein Meal Planner

Take the drama out of meal prep with high protein recipes you can easily customize.


For Those Who Want More

If you're ready to take your strength and physique to the next level, it's time to follow a more advanced program that delivers substantial results FAST. Maximize your time with a more intense training split and a self-guided macro schedule customized to your goals.


Seven Weeks To Shredded

Build lean muscle and shed body fat in this intense seven week program.

Running x Strength

Grow lean muscle while improving your speed in this strength and sprinting program.

Purple Plan

Planet Fitness specific workouts to help you get the most out of your membership.

Calorie Calculator + Macro Schedule

Learn how to balance macros + calories and create a plan to reach your fitness goals.


For Those Struggling to See Results

If you're not quite ready for a fully custom workout and nutrition program, but you need more support or have a lot of questions, these options are for you. While these are not a substitutes for 1:1 coaching, they are more hands-on than my other offers. Macro Coaching is a 100% done for you analysis + plan you can easily follow!


Macro Coaching

Custom macro analysis to help you learn to eat your favorite foods and still reach your goals.


For a Custom Experience

The most transformative of all my offers. If you're looking for a true partner on this journey, someone to create a custom program tailored to your life and your preferences, someone to help analyze your progress, address your weaknesses and celebrate your wins, 1:1 coaching is for you. You will be fully supported to reach your goals as you become your most incredible self.


1:1 Coaching

Your completely custom workout and macro program, consultations and more.

Zoom Consultation

Book a timeslot to discuss macros, workouts or any other health goals.

Michelle, Seven Weeks to Shredded

"If you’re thinking about it and debating on buying a program, don’t think about it just buy it! It’s worth it. It was to best thing I could have ever done. I didn’t expect the result that I was gonna get and I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks to Sarah!"

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