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Strong By Sarah

Macro Coaching

What's included?

Comprehensive 24-page analysis on your current habits, brands and go-to foods

What's working and what can be improved based on your goals

Custom 8-week meal plan and macro guide (all dietary preferences honored)

How to structure your meals and snacks + personal weekly calorie and macro formula


"Eat This, Not That" inspired recommendations​

Exact swaps for the foods you love that don't love you back (to make them even better!)

Personalized supplement and vitamin suggestions

To review with your doctor for digestive issues, acne, PMS + more​

Introduction to macros 

​Meal timing, how different foods make you feel + how to adjust your plan over time

Learn to cut, bulk or maintain

Understand the different phases + how to execute them properly​

Learn how to eat your favorite foods and still meet your fitness goals

Enjoy all food without guilt

Never feel deprived or restricted

A plan built just for you makes it sustainable

How does it work?

Track your food for two days in MyFitnessPal
I provide analysis on every single item in your food diary 

Provide the complete questions on your current habits and goals
The more information you share, the better your custom plan will be

Creation of your custom plan!
Takes up to 
72 hours as I review all your details and share as much information as possible to help you

Optional: Zoom meeting add on
Ask any questions face-to-face after reviewing your guide



"I can't even express how glad I am I reached out about my macros.
The notes on the foods I was eating and the changes I needed have changed my digestion in ways I can't even explain and I feel so much better. I could cry. You're worth every penny."
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Macro Coaching is a single report prepared and delivered by e-mail. You must provide all important information with your questionnaire; once a plan has been sent, it is completed. All sales are final.

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